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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mother Moon

Tonight the Mother Moon rises pregnant in the sky
shining her resplendent light upon the world
dazzling us with the fullness of her being
reminding us that we are never alone.
Some say the full moon triggers madness
unleashes wild desires
untamed hopes and dreams
unchecked passions.
I say the Mother Moon unloosens hope
and the promise of transformation
her light a beacon, urging us inward
to claim our lunar memory
find our way back
to the original womb of consciousness
that soul-seed of the world that
birthed the human psyche
syncopated the beating of the human heart.

St. Joseph’s Day March 19, 2011

In Italy, San Giuseppe is a hero, not a cuckold.
He married an unwed pregnant woman
raised a son who was not his own, without complaining.
On his feast day a table is laid, a three-tiered altar
adorned with flowers, candles, fava beans, wine, cakes,
bread and cookies made of flour
to honor the beloved carpenter’s saw dust.
In America, in enclaves like New York City, New Orleans
Kansas City, Chicago, and Providence
Italians give bread to the poor
filling bellies emptied of sustenance
filling hearts emptied of hope
to pay homage to this regular Joe
a man of the people, a soulful soul
who listened to the angels, not the cynics
who did the right thing when the right thing was called for.

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